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Adjustable, custom stand for your LUMEBOX device allowing for hands-free treatment


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should not use LUMEBOX?

  • Do not use the device if you are photosensitive
  • Do not use the device if using topical, oral, or injectable steroids.
  • Do not use the device during the healing period post LASIK eye surgery.
  • Do not use the device if pregnant or lactating, users should consult their physician with any questions.

Is the device safe for children?

While several studies have shown light therapy to be safe, it is important to consult with a medical professional prior to use with children. Children should never use the device without parental supervision.

Do I need to protect my eyes?

Eye protection should always be used when operating the device. Do not stare directly in the LEDs. The window covering covers the full front surface of the device. If your eyes are sensitive to light or if you take medications that cause photosensitivity, consult a medical professional prior to use.

What is your return policy?

The LUMEBOX® portable device comes with an automatic 30-day return period upon receipt of the device. If you are not satisfied with the device in the first 30 days of receipt, your device is eligible for a refund of your purchase.  Please visit our website at for further details.

Does LUMEBOX have any flicker issues?

Flicker is mainly caused by the stability level of the power supply. Generally it is a bigger concern for LED products that run on AC power. LUMEBOX® operates on DC power (battery), and therefore flicker is not considered an issue. You may see mild flickering for 1-2 seconds when switching between modes but this is to be expected while the power switches between electrical circuits. This should not have any health effects unless the user tends to be hyper-sensitive.

In hyper-sensitive individuals, flickering in lighting may be associated with headaches at the workplace when exposed to long periods, particularly at lower flicker rates of less than 120hz. You’ll see companies claim they are ‘low flicker’ but this can be misleading terminology because lower flicker rates (below 60Hz) are still detectable to the naked eye. Instead, waveform and flicker index are much better measures to look for when measuring flicker rate. Thankfully, this is not necessary in a DC-run device like LUMEBOX® unlike larger AC powered panels that require wall sockets.

Does LUMEBOX test for EMF?

Testing for EMF is somewhat similar to irradiance – readings are not always accurate and affected by many external factors. This is why we decided to test for EMF in an independent lab instead of with a hand-held EMT meter. In addition, we have not found any company that reports their EMF at 0 cm from the device. Most companies report their EMF reading at 6” away – which is misleading, because distance reduces EMF, and this is how they can show a reading of 0uT, which would apply to LUMEBOX® as well.

We went one step ahead and tested the EMF in an independent lab, at 0 cm away from the device, not 6”, and it measured at 0.2uT, which is very low – common household appliances like hair dryers would be 50-100x that.


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