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Here at LUMEBOX®, we believe in developing the highest quality red light therapy devices that disrupt an industry ridden with untested, low-powered, and poor-quality devices.

Our mission is to partner with you to bring a PREMIUM quality, 3rd party lab-tested and FDA-registered portable unit that offers a larger treatment area, higher power, AND at an AFFORDABLE PRICE so more people can enjoy the benefits of Red Light Therapy. 

You will notice that our website lists LUMEBOX MRSP at $629. The ONLY way people can get a discount on a LUMEBOX is via your affiliate link, we incentivize everyone to go back and use your link because we really believe in a fair partnership and are so grateful to you for spreading light with us.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy uses specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to target our mitochondria (the powerhouse inside our cells) to:

Increase ATP (cellular energy)

Increase blood flow

Reduce inflammation

What Studies Have Shown

IMPORTANT: These studies were not done using LUMEBOX, but other types of LED red light therapy devices and sometimes lasers.Per the FDA, we cannot make claims that LUMEBOX can do these things listed below, so please refrain from explicitly saying LUMEBOX can treat any medical conitions - however, we love nerding out and know some of you will enjoy reading the research too.

Over 2,000 studies have been published on Photobiomodulation and Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), which are scientific terms for red light therapy. Here are a few examples:

Why Lumebox?

  • A powerful device with high irradiance. Since the efficacy of red light therapy depends on the dose, irradiance is KEY. LUMEBOX has unrivaled irradiance for a portable unit. Our customers give their positive testimonials to us every day. 
  • BIGGER - covers MORE SURFACE area for a portable device. This allows you to treat a larger area at one time e.g. the face + neck + decolletage. 
  • Each bulb offers both red (660nm) and NIR (850nm)
  • Low EMF 
  • FDA registered

Technical Specs

What is the wavelength?

Red mode is 660nm and near-infrared (NIR) mode is 850nm.

What is NIR?

Near-infrared light (NIR) is a wavelength above 800 nm and isn't visible to the naked eye but can penetrate deeper.

Additional Technical Specs

Top Customer Questions

Customers will receive a Kickstarter Guide with their first purchase of LUMEBOX. So for anyone asking questions about how to use their LUMEBOX you can direct them to this guide which is linked in our welcome email to them, or via the QR code on the postcard inside the box. 

If in doubt, you can direct questions to our customer service department: help@thelumebox.com

Tips To Increase Commissions

Consistency in sharing

Red light therapy is still fairly new to most people. This means that the first few times you share it, you might not see a high conversion. However, our affiliate partners who share us consistently on their IG stories or social media usually become very successful over time and the consistent sharing also leads to success during our sales.


 Keep an eye out for our emails and social media posts to know when sales are coming up. We hold 2 big sales per year: our Birthday Sale in May and Black Friday. However, we also run July 4th, Labor Day, and Valentine’s Day sales sometimes.

In the lead-up to a big sale, we recommend sharing how you use LUMEBOX in lifestyle stories or posts 3-4 times, to get your audience familiarised with red light therapy because our sales only run for 2-3 days (and sometimes sell out).

Share content across multiple channels

IG, TikTok, Youtube, Email, website - include your links in blog posts on your website. Talk about general health topics and tie in how red light therapy can be used to support them.

Our device is FDA registered and we take FSA/HSA cards at checkout

Many red light therapy devices on the market are NOT registered with the FDA - this means that there is no quality control or safety monitoring. 

FDA registration provides reassurance on quality and safety monitoring for the consumer. For the purposes of red light therapy devices, 'FDA registered' means pretty much the same as 'FDA cleared', or 'FDA registered Class II medical device'. 

However, we are not “FDA approved” - this requires clinical trials to prove efficacy on a specific medical claim. Very few, if any, red light therapy devices on the market have been FDA-approved.

How To Promote LUMEBOX On Your Channels

  • Affiliate Links: Use your unique affiliate link (rather than discount codes) to track sales and earn commissions. Sales won't be attributed if your link isn't used.
  • Share frequently: Getting your audience familiarized with the benefits of red light therapy and how you use it in your daily lives helps with conversions.
  • Engaging Content: Including a direct-to-camera picture or video of a person using the product makes it more appealing and relatable.
  • Inspire Others: Highlight how red light therapy has benefited you, your friends, and your family, inspiring others with your lifestyle.
  • Common Uses: Skin, Relaxation, Soreness, morning routines, workouts, or yoga sessions.
  • Helpful Resources: Share links from our blog and YouTube channel, or repost our Instagram posts and stories to provide further explanation.

Key Messaging

LUMEBOX aids/supports…

  • Healthy skin - improve the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes & skin texture
  • The body's natural healing and recovery processes 
  • Muscle recovery and addresses discomfort 
  • Optimal joint and tendon function
  • Inflammation and stress response
  • Rest and relaxation

Taking control of your health starts with supporting the mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells. We all need more light, especially red light, and LUMEBOX delivers therapeutic wavelengths at a high enough dose that 5-10 minutes of red light therapy per day is all it takes. 

Encourage users to always consult with their doctor before beginning any treatment with LUMEBOX.

Important: Best Practices When Sharing

LUMEBOX is registered with the FDA, and as such, have to abide by FDA rules - nobody likes a Debbie Downer but our FDA lawyer has set forth the following guide. Please follow these when sharing.

Claims to Avoid:

Pregnancy Safety

Avoid stating that LUMEBOX is safe for use during pregnancy. Currently, there isn't enough research to confirm its safety. To be absolutely sure, check with your doctor before using it during pregnancy unless directed by a healthcare provider in our manual.

Cancer Safety and Treatment

Refrain from claiming that LUMEBOX is safe for cancer patients or that it can be used as a cancer treatment.

No Side Effects

 Don't claim that LUMEBOX is completely side-effect-free. There are individuals for whom light therapy is contraindicated. Everyone should be encouraged to check with their doctor first.

Replacement Treatment

Short Avoid claiming that LUMEBOX can be a substitute for any specific treatment (e.g., painkillers, using sunscreen). Instead, describe LUMEBOX as a supportive tool that complements existing practices.about your store

Demonstrations to Avoid

We are not here to tell you what to do in your own homes. However, when it comes to sharing the device publicly, our  lawyer has stipulated the following:

Please do not show: 

LUMEBOX shining directly at face without goggles

Direct Skin Contact

Even if you are able to tolerate LUMEBOX directly on your skin, please Do not show it being placed directly on the skin in your social media posts. Although most people are able to tolerate this, the manual advises no direct skin contact because some people have sensitive skin and may find this too hot.

Using LUMEBOX through clothing

This may cause a greater heat increase which may burn the skin.

Using LUMEBOX on babies, children or when pregnant

Whilst there are no studies showing harm, the FDA currently recommends everyone under the age of 18 check with their pediatrician before using red light therapy. If you do want to share this, please let your followers you cleared it with your pediatrician and that they should too.

Any Content Violating Copyright, Trademark, etc.

Ensure your content does not violate anyone's copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or property rights.

Offensive, Rude, Explicit Content

Do not post content that LUMEBOX deems offensive, rude, sexually explicit, pornographic, disparaging, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate. LUMEBOX reserves the right to remove such content or request its removal at its discretion.

Language To Avoid And What To Use Instead

Affiliate Order Of Business

You will receive commission on LUMEBOX’s sold via your link.

Payments are made on or before the 12th of the month via Everflow Pay - please ensure this is completed so that we can pay you in a timely manner, and reach out to affiliate@thelumebox.com if you are unsure how to set it up

Partners with international banks outside of the US are paid via Paypal

Thank You!

We look forward to working with you and watching how you inspire others to take control of their health!

Email contact: affiliate@thelumebox.com

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