Traveling with LUMEBOX: Maximize Red Light Therapy on the Go

How a woman travels with LUMEBOX red light therapy

Traveling is fun and good for the soul, but it can take a toll on our health. With the right tools, it’s possible to maintain your wellness routine and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Travel must-haves from the LUMEBOX Team: 

1. Tea - Vivian, Co-founder

“I bring my favorite tea crystals for different times of the day—morning matcha is a must for me wherever I am not only to help me beat jet lag but also for a healthy dose of antioxidants and skin-protecting benefits.

2. Compression Socks - Steph, Affiliate Manager

“Great for reducing swelling in the feet and ankles during long flights or car rides. Sometimes I’ll double up and wear compression leggings too to keep my legs feeling a little fresher upon arrival.”

3. Sleep Mask and Earplugs - Makaela, Social Media Manager

“These aren't just for the plane ride but also for managing any noise or light issues at my accommodation. I prioritize sleep when traveling as a lack of rest can dampen the experience!”

4. Running Trainers - Fenella, Content & Marketing Manager

“Walking and running is my favorite way to explore new places, get acquainted with my surroundings, and find my bearings. A brisk morning walk or jog is also a great way to wake up your body and adjust to new time zones!

5. Red Light Therapy - Everyone!

Red light therapy uses red (visible light) and near-infrared (invisible light) wavelengths to support:

  • Inflammation [1]
  • Blood flow [2]
  • The appearance of skin [3]
  • Aches and pains [4] in deeper tissues [5] of joints

It works by targeting the mitochondria, the “powerhouses of the cells” that produce energy in our body, encouraging them to work better. 

Healthy mitochondria = healthy cells = healthy lives!


Packing LUMEBOX for airplane travel

Battery & Airline Regulations: 

LUMEBOX features a 10,400 mAh lithium battery (37.97 Wh). 

Some airlines allow you to pack this in your checked luggage, while others prefer it in your carry-on. To be safe, check with your airline before you travel. Most airlines allow a maximum of 100 Wh for lithium batteries in checked luggage.

For peace of mind, I always leave space in my carry-on for LUMEBOX (inside its protective case!) to avoid the risk of damage from luggage handlers. But if you need to pack it in your luggage, make sure it’s well-protected!

Outlets & Charging: 

LUMEBOX is compatible with 110-240V outlets, so it’s usable worldwide.

Just remember to pack the correct adaptor for your destination. 

Use On-The-Go: 

What’s great about LUMEBOX is that it doesn’t need to be plugged in while you use it. This convenience and portability means you can use it anywhere, anytime!

Why we can’t go a week without Red Light Therapy:

Despite a love for vacations, the reality is that travel can be stressful and take a toll on our mental and physical health. Making red light therapy a part of our travel essentials is like packing the Swiss Army Knife of wellness. Consistent use of red light therapy provides the best results, so we’re not willing to take a break from it, even on vacation!

Before you buy: Consider choosing a portable device to ensure you can always access it on the go.


LUMEBOX: What's in the box

Supporting the Skin

Anything longer than a 1-hour plane ride, and the skin can start to feel completely dehydrated. Snacks on the plane and adjusting to a new cuisine can also wreak havoc on the gut, leading to breakouts. Changes in humidity or dryness in a new climate and lack of sleep from jet lag add to the problem.

Here's how to take care of the skin:

Use LUMEBOX in RED mode, positioned six inches away from the face and neck for 5-6 minutes every morning. This will help keep the skin supple and glowing!

BONUS: Our team says it also supports their energy levels, getting the day off to a strong start.

Adjusting to a New Location & Time Zone 

Shifting time zones, sleeping in a new bed, temperature differences, and new daylight patterns can make it hard to maintain a regular sleep schedule.

To combat losing hours of sleep, here’s what to do: 

The day before flying, try to adjust your schedule to better align with the time zone you’re traveling to. Try to alter your dinner time and then go to sleep earlier or later depending on the destination.

Upon arrival, make sure to get 10-15 minutes of natural sunlight in the morning to help align your circadian rhythms with the new location. 

In the evening, use LUMEBOX in near-infrared (NIR) mode for 12 minutes on the back of the neck, 1-2 hours before bed. Studies show that red light therapy may support better rest [6]!

Easing Stiff Joints

After a long plane ride, the knees, neck, and back often feel cramped and stiff. 

To ease this discomfort: use LUMEBOX in near-infrared (NIR) mode for 12 minutes, applying it close to the skin over the areas that need extra relief. Start your trip on a positive note by enjoying sightseeing and staying active without getting worn out on the first day.

Foot and Muscle Care 

While some might prefer a relaxing beach vacation, for others, a trip away means constant activity. Exploring a new place can mean a lot more time than usual on foot. To stay in good spirits and make the most of your time away, keeping your feet and muscles feeling fresh is non-negotiable!

At the end of the day: 

Elevate your feet against a wall for some lymphatic drainage to aid recovery. Then, use LUMEBOX for a session on the soles of the feet for about 12 minutes. It’s best to opt for combined mode to target both the deeper muscles and help with any skin soreness.

Red light therapy is great for soothing achy muscles and joints, especially after holiday activities like surfing, hiking, or canoeing, for example, that challenge different body parts from the usual day-to-day.

Bug Bites

Mosquitoes, ants, ticks, and flies are an unwelcome part of travel, always on the lookout for fresh blood. 

Alongside the usual preventative measures like bug spray:

We find LUMEBOX helpful for reducing the swelling and redness from bug bites faster. This also helps them itch less. Use LUMEBOX in RED mode for 12 minutes, holding it about 2-3 inches from the bite!

Dimensions of LUMEBOX case in hand luggage


Red Light Therapy on the Go has never been easier! With your first purchase of the LUMEBOX, we provide a Kickstarter Guide that teaches you how to get the most out of Red Light Therapy!


Medical Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog post is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used as medical advice. Everyone responds to light differently. Testimonials are not a guarantee of the results you or anyone who uses LUMEBOX will get because your success depends entirely on your circumstances, and the studies on red light therapy shared were not specifically performed using LUMEBOX. Please check with your doctor before using red light therapy and do not change your medical treatments or lifestyle without consulting your physician first. 


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