Dr. Viv's RLT Routine

Hi friends, welcome to the Lumebox® fam! We are SO excited you are here. 

If you are new to Red Light Therapy, please watch this video in which Dr. Viv goes through some fundamental principles of RLT, including how to determine the length of application, which mode (NIR/Red) to use, distance etc. – make sure to give that a watch.

There are so many ways Lumebox® can be used, but here are the top ways Dr. Viv uses hers. Please note, that everyone is different, so this is just for information only, not medical advice, and what works for Dr.Viv may not apply to you – we all need different amounts of light. Just like there’s no blanket ‘correct’ vitamin D supplement dosage for everyone, the same goes for Red Light Therapy. We suggest you work with your healthcare provider and experiment to find your ideal ‘doses’. 

Quick Start Guide Video

How Dr. Viv uses Red Light Therapy

Skin requires very little light energy to benefit, and too much may actually be counter-productive. Studies suggest the ideal energy dosage for skin is 3-10J/cm2, which can be achieved by how Dr. Viv uses it below. Going over 10 minutes, or having it too close to your skin (closer than 6 inches away) is probably not ideal for skin rejuvenation.

How she uses it:

  • Time of day: First thing in the morning 
  • Mode: Combined NIR + Red
  • Length of treatment: 5 minutes
  • Distance: 6 inches away from face/décolletage
  • Frequency: every other day, or once a day, but giving 2 days of break per week. 
  • Time it usually takes to see a difference: Around 5-6 weeks of consistent use.

Sleep is something that is super important to Dr. Viv, so she starts her wind-down routine about 1 hour before her bedtime. Note, for some people RLT can be energizing, so if that’s what you find is the case for you, skip the applications at night. For most people, it has a calming relaxing effect as red light is naturally predominant in our environment at sunset, and may be nature’s way to prepare us for sleep. 

How she uses it:

  • Time of day: 1-1.5 hours before bedtime. 
  • Mode: NIR
  • Length of treatment 6-12 minutes
  • Distance: Over the forehead or back of neck, close to skin
  • Frequency: every day or every other day. 
  • Time it usually takes to see a difference: Right away for Dr. Viv

Whether it’s overtraining in the gym, too many Zoom calls or sleeping the wrong way, here’s how Dr. Viv uses her Lumebox® to ease those stiff muscles and reduce inflammation. 

How she uses it:

  • Mode: NIR only if deep, or combined NIR+red if superficial 
  • Length of treatment: 12 minutes (sometimes she repeats this, but as mentioned in the video linked above, everyone responds to light differently, so adjust accordingly for yourself)
  • Distance: Close to the skin
  • Frequency: as needed
  • Time it takes to see a difference: Within a few hours, effect may also build cumulatively too