What Customers Are Saying

“Since using the LUMEBOX, I haven’t had any blemishes. My skin has never been clearer and it’s helped with making my pores appear smaller and even my skin tone. I love it!”
“I expected RLT to take at least a week before I felt any relief – but seriously, the first session really helped! 4 sessions in and I absolutely love RLT”
“Thank you thank you so much I got my LUMEBOX and I am in love used it one on my left knee which I have osteoarthritis and has been bugging me for 2 days. 12 minutes and went on to do some chores and I was able to squat and get up without screaming
“I had been experiencing significant back pain in the last year. Acupuncture, hydrotherapy and cryotherapy had me at a point of desperation, and then found significant relief after RLT, and that’s why it’s a MUST item on my night stand.”
“I discovered RLT when I discovered my wrinkles weren’t a candidate for Botox. I didn’t see much change at first but stuck with it and my dermatologist noticed how great my skin looked. I began to find other ways to incorporate it into my wellness routine. For instance, I was a dancer as a kid and professionally into my 30’s and I’ll flash the red light on my muscles when I feel strain or pain.”
“I love my LUMEBOX!! It’s the perfect size for daily use at home and travel. I bring it with me on vacations”
“The power of this RL seems to be much stronger than others I have used. I use it for muscle soreness and healing. Eager to continue to see positive results”
“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I received my LUMEBOX and it works perfectly. Thank you for the exceptional customer service.”